Born in Connecticut with an innate interest in all forms of health and beauty, Dayle began experimenting with natural skincare as a teenager. During high school, she developed a severe case of acne. This moved her to sympathize with other acne sufferers and to seek alternative treatments to medicine.

After graduating from high school, Dayle set her sights on the bright lights and big city of New York, with the goal of enrolling in the most prestigious skincare schools. Here she began her training, which included one-on-one sessions with some of the skin care industry's most respected educators.

Dayle's career began on Madison Avenue, where she worked on some of New York's top personalities including Ivana Trump, Naomi Campbell, Eileen Ford, and Mariah Carey. Dayle's passion led her to search out, acquire and absorb the most cutting edge and effective skin care information from every possible source.

After spending 8 years in New York, a client, during a moment of bliss, had a vision that Dayle would be traveling to a place where people like herself would teach her how to combine her talent in healing with her knowledge of skin care. Not long after, a very close friend in California sent Dayle a ticket for a trip to a sunny little piece of heaven called Santa Monica.

Dayle soon realized that her path was to help others feel more beautiful inside and out by working, not only to enhance the texture and radiance of their skin, but also to bring out their internal glow. She tries to help her clients achieve a feeling of peace, health, and happiness. It is with this talent and compassion that she has become so successful

Dayle Breault brings her extensive background and all forms of skin care to each and every client, helping them to feel their best, both inside and out while defying the ravages of environment and age.

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